Achieving Balance and Harmony


Cesar Revisits Most Dangerous Cases

Season 6 | Episode 10 | Cesar Revisits Most Dangerous Cases

Cesar revisits some of his toughest cases and explores the facts and the fictions behind some of world's most misunderstood breeds.

Any dog can become aggressive, but several powerful breeds seem to have developed unfortunate reputations as the world’s most dangerous dogs. These reputations are perpetuated by negative headlines in news media across the country - a pit bull attacks two adults and one child in Dallas, a pet shepherd attacks its owners, a Labrador kills a two-year-old, and a Pomeranian kills a 6-week-old girl in Los Angeles. Some of these breeds have even been banned in certain areas of the country. In a Dog Whisperer poll, over 10,000 viewers voted for what they thought were the most aggressive breeds. The viewers have made their choice, but what will Cesar have to say on the matter?

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