Achieving Balance and Harmony


A People-Aggressive Frenchie

Season 6 | Episode 2 | Hardy

At Shelly Dale’s hair salon in Newport Beach, California, clients can get a hair-do, and a little hair of the dog, too. Shelly’s French Bulldog Hardy cultivated a pampered life in the salon, but at two years, almost to the day, Hardy began snapping at strangers when they approached him. A faithful client was bitten and what started as an isolated incident, escalated to include more victims.Shelly and her husband Tadd McCalmont hired a trainer, but haven’t been able to overcome Hardy’s people aggression. Now at the age of three, Hardy is banished to a secluded corner of the salon and his snappy attitude has spread to Shelly and Tadd’s home. Cesar walks in to take a little off the top and shave off some of Hardy’s hairy demeanor.

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