Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Horse-Aggressive Greyhoung Mix, a Seperation Anxious German Shorthaired Pointer and a Broom-Attacking Yorkshire Terrier

Season 6 | Episode 5 | Madeliene, Sara, and Seven

Life coach and Biggest Loser fitness trainer Jillian Michaels was in heaven after adopting Seven, a 14 month old greyhound mix. But when the avid horseback rider brought Seven to the equestrian center where she rides, Seven’s good manners went to hell. When Jillian mounts her 2,000 pound horse Buzz, the 16 pound Seven circles the horse and barks incessantly. Seven then gets underneath Buzz and tries to nip him. Jillian continually shouts commands, but Seven doesn’t seem to hear a thing. Jillian is afraid Seven will get hurt or accidentally killed by Buzz or one of the other horses. She also worries that Seven will spook a horse, causing a person to fall off. Cesar rides in to help train this trainer and convince Seven to lose her equine animosity.

The Hairy Houdini

Austin and Karrie Pittman adopted Sara, a German Shorthaired Pointer, when she was six months old. She led a miserable existence before the Pittmans, but with them, she seemed right at home. She got along with their older dog Trigger, and adjusted happily with the addition of their younger dog Jack. One day while the Pittmans were running errands, they got a call from the neighbors informing them that Sara was on the roof next door. This was the first of many calls reporting Sara’s daring escape antics. The Pittmans confined her indoors only to find that Sara would destroy their furniture, walls, doors, and even doorknobs. She could even escape the sturdiest of crates. Austin and Karrie have had to completely rearrange their lives to keep their dog from destroying their house and injuring herself. The couple hopes that Cesar can show them what they are doing wrong and help restrain Sara’s disappearing act.

The Little Wiper Snapper

Like most Dog Whisperer cases, Brittany Carr’s 3-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Madeliene started off normal. But now that she’s older, she has developed an aversion to an array of peculiar objects. Madeliene is not a fan of the common, household broom. Whenever someone reaches for the broom, the tiny Yorkie starts growling. Once they have gone into full cleaning mode, Madeliene unleashes her fury and chases after the broom, barking and biting at it. But Madeliene’s most intense reactions take place in the car whenever the windshield wipers turn on. She attacks them with all of her might, thrashing back and forth, front seat to back seat, to get to them through the glass. She has even tried to attack the wipers of approaching cars. Sweeping and driving have now become dangerous tasks when Madeliene is around. Can Cesar stop this Yorkie from driving the Carrs crazy?

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