Achieving Balance and Harmony


Daycare Dueling German Shepherds and a Child-Aggressive Miniature Schnauzer

Season 6 | Episode 6 | Lorelei, Angel & Bear

German Shepherd Angel came to owners Joe and Sandra Carrick in December 2004, and Bear, another German Shepherd, arrived in April 2005. They were affectionate with each other and there was no sign of any discord between them. However, when the Carricks first took the dogs to daycare, they noticed that Angel would try to dominate Bear, and he would submit almost immediately. After about a year, there was an incident where Bear decided he wasn’t going to take it anymore. The two dogs got into a huge fight and Angel had to be taken to the vet. Now, whenever the German Shepherds arrive at the daycare, or leave, they lunge at each other, determined to draw blood. While Angel and Bear are fine at home, their daycare tantrums are very traumatic to Sandra and the staff of the facility. Will Cesar dare to turn this daycare dilemma into a daycare dream?

Lonesome with Lorelei

Francine & Michael Markow got Miniature Schnauzer Lorelei from a breeder when the dog was 13-weeks old. They were excited to share their new puppy with their three, young grandchildren, Hannah, Lily, and Megan. They introduced Lorelei to the children, carefully supervising when they played with the dog, but soon the dog began barking when the children would run around, squeal, shout, or play rough with each other. Over the course of three years, each of the grandchildren had an incident with the dog that left them in tears. Now, the children’s parents refuse to bring the kids over to the Markow’s residence. It’s been two years since the young trio has been to visit their grandparents in their home. Francine and Michael love their children and grandchildren and really miss having them in their home for family gatherings. They don’t want to give up Lorelei, but they wish that their family were more willing to work on the problem instead of avoiding it. Can Cesar unite this divided pack?

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