Achieving Balance and Harmony


Cesar Down Under, Part 2

Season 6 | Episode 8 | Sydney, Vincent and Astro

Cesar begins by meeting with the Roches, Morgan and Amanda. Their appropriately named Weimaraner Sydney has been unusually aggressive toward Australia's mail carriers (Posties) ever since the Roches witnessed a Postie beating Sydney with a stick 2 years ago. Cesar pulls out all the stops to stamp out Sydney’s postie phobia. Then, 4-year-old dog- and human-aggressive Shar-Pei Vincent is giving owner David a difficult time in his attempts to get him socialized. In Cesar versus Vincent, who will come out on top? Finally, consistent walking has not been enough to bring an end to Alison Clark's Australian Red Cattle Dog Astro's seven year barking streak. Can Cesar build Alison up as a better pack leader?

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