Achieving Balance and Harmony


Aggressive Chihuahua Reunions, an Anxious Barker, and an Over-Drinking Shelter Dog

Season 6 | Episode 9 | Peanut & Chico, Leroy Brown, and Tucker

Chihuahuas Peanut and Chico are having trouble with their long-distance relationship. Since Chico left for college with owner Pauline Mercado's daughter Christine, the two dogs' reunions have been vicious battles for supremacy. Pauline and Christine are hoping that the two dogs can learn to live in harmony again.

Can Cesar pacify these problematic pooches? Then, Brooke Wilson's dog Leroy Brown's refusal to let Brooke's boyfriend Marc leave the house without a loud production has led to him become more excitable in everyday life. With some help from Cesar, Brooke and Marc hope to transform their bad dog into a good, good Leroy Brown. And finally, Humane Society rescue Tucker is a dog with a drinking problem: he is neurotically obsessed with moving water. His obsession has led to dangerous medical issues, and owners Kelly Perry and Rob Oberdorfer are hoping that Cesar can curb Tucker's love for the drink.

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