Achieving Balance and Harmony


Bebe the Lampshade Stalker and Howie Mandel’s Temperamental Chi Lola

Season 7 | Episode 1 | Bebe and Lola

When Bob Haueter brought Bebe home for his daughter Kim, he thought they would have another perfect pet like their Golden Retriever/Lab mix Sadie. But the English Bulldog had her own agenda. Bebe soon turned against Sadie, so Bob and Kim had to keep them separated. Only, Bebe didn’t stop there. She attacked the mini-blinds on the windows and ripped through all of the lampshades that were in reach. After replacing at least a dozen lampshades and drawing the blinds on all of the windows, Bob and Kim have had enough. Now, they need Cesar’s help to keep this Bulldog from bullying the household accessories.

Also – Howie Mandel has been in show business for over 30 years, but is most recently known for his job as host of “Deal or No Deal.” He and his wife of 30 years, Terry Mandel, own a menagerie of animals including cats, birds, fish, and ferrets. But one little monster is threatening Howie’s world, and her name is Lola. The two year old Chihuahua throws fits whenever Terry gets in her space, whether to give her a bath or take something out of her mouth. Sometimes Lola even attacks Terry when she picks her up. Lola shows her detestation of Howie by trying to attack him when he walks near her! Howie is ready to send Lola to St. Elsewhere, but luckily Cesar is here to provide some relief to this comic and his wife.

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