Achieving Balance and Harmony


Dueling Housemates and Man-Aggressive Phoebe

Season 7 | Episode 10| Stella, Nala, and Phoebe

Nate Brouwer and Charnae Wright met through mutual friends and quickly discovered their love for dogs and the outdoors. Nate owns a paddleboard production business as well as a paddle boarding touring business, and the couple would like to take their dogs Stella and Nala along for the ride. However, taking the dogs anywhere is difficult since the dogs are constantly at each other’s throats. One fight was so bad that it ended in bloodshed. Nate and Charnae lead active lifestyles and would love to include their dogs, but this situation is leaving the canines under house arrest. Can Cesar unite these divided dogs?

Dena Spencer had little requirements when searching for a rescue dog, but little did she know that poodle mix Phoebe’s fear of men would result in Phoebe attacking any man that entered the house. Even Dena’s nephews who live with her are not safe from Phoebe’s attacks. Dena is a special education Teacher and she thought she would have the patience to work with Phoebe’s behavioral issues, but that is not the case. Phoebe has turned Dena’s household into a girl’s only club. Can Cesar break Phoebe’s mantra of “no boys allowed?”

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