Achieving Balance and Harmony


Dog-Aggressive Chloe and Gotti, and a Pouncing Madison

Season 7 | Episode 2 | Chloe, Gotti and Madison

Owner Jaime Crossman found Chloe on Craigslist and was warned of the Border Collie/Greyhound mix’s nipping problems. Jaime quickly enrolled the dog in obedience training and nipped the problem in the bud. About 6 months later, Chloe became embroiled in a heated dogfight and has developed an aversion to other dogs. As soon as Chloe sees another dog, she zones in on them and goes for the kill. But, when she realizes her target is out of reach, Chloe turns on her owner, biting at Jaime’s legs. Jaime’s friends knew this was a problem only the Dog Whisperer could fix, so they pooled their money together to fly Jaime and Chloe from Boston to Cesar’s Southern Californian Dog Psychology Center.

And Meghan Plunkett inherited Gotti from her brother, Jimmy Plunkett, who unexpectedly passed away in his sleep in 2008. Parents, former NFL quarterback, Jim and Gerry Plunkett didn’t think they could handle Gotti, so they tried to find him another home. In honor of her brother, Meghan felt it was her duty to keep Gotti, and brought him into the home she shares with her boyfriend, Chris Douglass. Meghan says that Gotti’s personality reminds them of Jimmy, who was a devout Dog Whisperer fan and raised Gotti to obey Cesar’s way. The transition in ownership awoke a nervousness in Gotti. When he is unsure of other dogs, he will bark, growl, and lunge at them, often scaring other dog walkers. Jimmy was able to curb Gotti’s dormant aggression, but Meghan hasn’t had the same luck. Cesar comes in to give back Gotti his confidence.

When Adrianna and Brian Lopez decided to get a puppy, they knew exactly what breed they wanted – a Leonberger. Adrianna and Brian both grew up with big dogs so they were excited about owning a large dog together. But their excitement ran away with them. At 150 pounds, Madison is like a bull in a China shop. Whenever visitors stop by, Madison bounds through the house and jumps on them, practically pushing them out the door. Even when Adrianna arrives home from work, Madison is waiting, ready to pounce. Brian and Adrianna are exhausted and at their wits end. Can Cesar calm this crazy canine before he bounces the Lopez’s out of house and home?

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