Achieving Balance and Harmony


Wolf-Dogs: Out of the Wild

Season 7 | Episode 4 | Sheba, Ramses and Sofie

The world of unfulfilled canines keeps Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan employed with plenty of dog problems. But, the crossing of wolves and domestic dogs has led to a whole new set of problems with the wolf-dog hybrid. Cesar’s expertise with dogs only goes so far, so he brings in wolf-dog expert Jennifer McCarthy to aid him in this special episode.

Together, Cesar and Jennifer visit the Galvez family, whose wolf-dog Sheba has been destroying the backyard and running rampant through the neighborhood. Milo Sanchez’s hybrid Ramses has a bone to pick with Milo’s English Mastiff Roscoe. The two have been in a couple of expensive fights already. Sofie belongs to Janice Reins and Charlie Mendez and has a knack for destroying and escaping whatever confines here. All three cases features wild animals trapped in a dog’s body. Cesar and Jennifer answer the call of the wild, but can they bring balance to these confused canine hybrids?

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