Achieving Balance and Harmony


Actress Rhona Mitra’s Dog-Aggressive Oscar and People-Fearing Luna

Season 7 | Episode 5 | Oscar, Luna, and Ginger

Rhona Mitra is a London born actress who has appeared in such films as Sweet Home Alabama and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Rhona is also a knowledgeable dog owner who worked at a rescue when she was a teenager, but can’t seem to curb her French Bulldog’s dog aggressive tendencies. Seven year old Oscar wasn’t always aggressive. This behavioral shift occurred when Rhona was shooting a film in South Africa. Oscar was with her and would play with the many dogs near their hotel. One day a pit bull attacked Oscar and he hasn’t been the same since. Rhona’s worst fear is that Oscar will escape the yard and get attacked in the “pit central” neighborhood of Venice, CA where they reside. Rhona knows that Oscar’s life is not as happy as it could be. Her goal is to have Oscar win the award for being aggressive free, but will Cesar’s supporting role help this Frenchie take home the prize?

And Lisa and Paul Diaz were newly married when they decided to add a dog to their home. They searched from a group of dogs that had previously been at high kill shelters. When Lisa and Paul went to see the dogs, Ginger sprinted over to Lisa and jumped into her arms. They immediately fell in love with her, but then the couple saw Luna with her tail permanently tucked between her legs, hiding from everyone. Around the other dogs, Luna was a lot calmer and whenever Ginger was around Luna, you could see Luna’s eyes light up. When Lisa and Paul saw this interaction, they knew they had to bring both dogs home. The dogs loved each other and they honestly felt it would make the transition a lot easier. Even though Luna enjoys Ginger’s company, she is still a bit cautious around Paul and Lisa. The Diaz couple hope Cesar can help Luna loose the fear of the hand that feeds her.

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