Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Separation-Anxiety Suffering Mongo, Big-Dog-Bully Gorby and a Biting Jake

Season 7 | Episode 6 | Mongo, Gorby and Jake

Danny Richards and his wife Andy own Mongo, a pit mix. Danny rescued Mongo about six years ago, but he has since developed a severe and potentially life threatening separation anxiety.When left alone the first time, Mongo managed to destroy his crate and the house. Danny resorted to building a wrought iron fence which he reinforced with steel. While Mongo couldn’t get out of the kennel door, he could jump 5 feet into the air and break out of the roof! One day, Mongo escaped and fell in the narrow space between the kennel and the wall where he was hidden and trapped for nearly 30 hours. When Danny found Mongo, the dog was in poor shape. The vet suggested putting Mongo down, but Danny would not give up on his dog. Mongo gets plenty of exercise but the separation anxiety controls the Richards’ life. The couple is willing to do whatever Cesar suggests to help Mongo become more calm and relaxed when they are gone.

Also - NASA Astronauts Suni Williams and Leland Melvin met each other in an astronaut class in 1998. Aside from working and playing on the international space station miles above Earth, they have another thing in common.Problem dogs. Suni’s Jack Russell Terrier Gorby has a knack for going after dogs that are bigger than him. This dog aggression makes it difficult for Suni to spend time with Leland and his Rhodesian ridgeback mixes, Jake and Scout. Though Scout seems to be fine, Jake is another story. Jake has a tendency to nip and try to bite anybody who approaches Leland. Both Suni and Leland are in need of the Dog Whisperer’s expertise. Cesar blasts off to NASA to help knock these canine problems out of orbit.

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