Achieving Balance and Harmony


Shadow-Fearing Nakota and Yona, and a Biting Justice

Season 7 | Episode 7 | Nakota, Yona and Justice

Marcy and Nicholas Razum found each other through the search and rescue program they are both a part of. And now, 14 years later, they are married with a son, two cats, and three dogs. Twelve year old German Shepherd Nakota is ready to pass on the baton to 1 year old Neco and 10 month old Yona, but there is a shadow of doubt lingering in the air. Whenever the young German Shepherds see a shadow moving on the ground or the wall, they try to catch it. Since both dogs are entrenched in the search and rescue world, it is of the utmost importance that these shadow games take the hindmost place in their minds. But when the sun is at its highest, the two dogs are no work and all play. Cesar comes in to help these German Shepherd pups find their purpose and get their mission back on track.

Also- Justice was just another misunderstood Cocker Spaniel at a rescue group that was having a difficult time finding a home for him. Every time they showed Justice, he tried to bite his prospective owners. Just before he was scheduled to be euthanized, Chandra Fortier called looking for pets to foster and offered to take Justice in. Even in a stable home, Justice can’t relax. Justice will bark and lunge at anyone who comes into the house. When Chandra touches Justice’s paws or tries to pull a bur anywhere off of his body, he will try to bite her. If Chandra’s husband Johnny even gets near Chandra, Justice will attack. Chandra is pregnant and due any day and the couple refuse to tolerate Justice if he bites their child. Will Cesar be able to rehabilitate this cocky Cocker? Or will Justice go the way of the dogs?

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