Achieving Balance and Harmony


Not-So-Sweet Snickers and a Biting Maury

Season 7 | Episode 8 | Snickers and Maury

Donna Kronenfeld’s relationship with Snickers began when a friend found the 10-week-old Australian Shepherd wrapped in a blanket under a car. The two bonded instantly and had a very peaceful year together. But then, the two were attacked on a routine walk by two off-leash Boxers. Donna was left with bruises up and down her legs, and Snickers was bitten several times. Now, Snickers has the urge to bite other dogs when he sees them. After Donna met Bob, now her husband, Snickers became increasingly aggressive toward humans, growling at anyone who tries to pet him. Sometimes he’ll even bite the hand that feeds him, as his food aggression has become a steadily growing problem. The couple thought a new dog might ease Snickers’ tensions, but that wasn’t the case. Their new Yellow Lab, Tres, and Snickers do not get along at all. After all of this, it’s no wonder that Donna and Bob keep Snickers from interacting with their two-year-old son, Riley. The couple worries about the safety of their family. Can Cesar sweeten Snickers’ salty disposition?

And dog behaviorist and trainer Colleen Steckloff has had her share of canine challenges, having trained “a ton of dogs” from Much Love Animal Rescue. She has 3 dogs of her own and often fosters additional dogs for the shelter, sometimes as many as 6 at a time. But when Maury went under her ward, it was a different story. Maury has been in and out of Much Love’s and Colleen’s care due to many failed adoption attempts. Maury just can’t seem to stop biting and punching his potential owners. Colleen follows Cesar’s methodologies, but no amount of exercise or discipline seems to be getting through to Maury. He has now been with Colleen for two years. Both Colleen and the animal rescue are beginning to think Maury is just plain, unadoptable. Does Cesar have a solution for Colleen and Much Love’s Maury mystery?

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