Achieving Balance and Harmony


An Aggressive India, Jagger Wild the Submissive Aggressor, and an Ocean-Fearing Axl

Season 7 | Episode 9 | India, Jagger Wild

When India, a Manchester Terrier, came to live with the Moreno family, it was like the beginning of a fairytale. Jessica received the dog as a gift for her 10th birthday and the two were inseparable. But a few months later, India’s charming demeanor turned wicked. When patriarch Anthony plays with Jessica and her brother Anthony Jr., India will nip and bite at him. When India is near Jessica, he’ll snap at Anthony Jr. But Jessica isn’t immune to India’s aggressive antics, because even Jessica has been bitten on several occasions. India also attacks bikes, skateboards, and visiting guests. The Moreno family thought Jessica and India’s friendship would be the stuff of legends, but they were myth-taken. Can Cesar help Jessica get the fairytale ending she dreams of?

And Pat Bass is a huge Rolling Stones fan, so it comes as no surprise that she named her rambunctious Wheaten Terrier, Jagger Wild. When Pat got Jagger from what she thought to be a legitimate breeder, she soon realized that Jagger was probably born in a puppy mill. Due to his poor social skills, Jagger will lie down whenever he sees another dog on a walk. When the other dog passes, Jagger will then pounce on them. Jagger’s actions either scare or surprise the other dog, usually ending in an unruly situation. Pat would love to be able to take her dog on a normal walk, get the exercise he needs, and be part of a pack. Can Cesar help this rock star behave like a normal pooch?

Also - Axl was rescued by Robin Seligman when daughter Samantha begged him to get a dog. The plan was to simply “take a look” at the dogs available; she did not expect to come home with a dog. Axl stood out because he was the only dog in the shelter that didn’t bark. It took a while for Axl to acclimate to the family and he often appeared nervous and wanted to keep to himself. At the time, the family lived near a wilderness park, and Axl loved it! Even though he would play in the nearby creeks, he refused to go in the family’s pool. This wasn’t so much of a problem until the family moved to the beach. The Seligman’s were excited to take Axl for walks on the beach, but little did they know that Axl is terrified of the ocean. Each time the family tries to walk him at the beach, he runs away. The Seligman’s dream is to take Axl to the beach for his daily exercise and keep Samantha company when she wants to get a tan. Will Cesar be able to hang ten, or will he wipe out in rehabilitating this ocean-phobic dog?

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