Achieving Balance and Harmony


Gloria and Stormy

I would like to write this letter to tell you what an impact Cesar Milan and his whole team has had on our family. Stormy spent almost four weeks with Cesar at the Dog Psychology Center in LA and truly came home a different dog. He did such a beautiful job in not only understanding the needs of Stormy, but also in understanding us as a family. After visiting Stormy that first time at the center and watching his interaction with Cesar, I knew he was in great hands and whatever experience he had was only going to be positive one for him. I have learned many things from Cesar, but most importantly I learned about his love for the animals that are entrusted into his care.

Cesar showed me and my son how we needed to interact with Stormy on such a different level than we presently was. He showed us how to let Stormy be a dog again, which was clearly a state he was happy in and how he would still love us, even in his renewed state as a dog. I loved Cesar’s quietness and gentleness in his dealing with all the dogs. It is almost unbelievable to observe when you see him working with these dogs. They look up to him and have such a trust in him and that he is doing what is best for him. Cesar is truly the Dog Whisperer. Even today when Stormy hears Cesar's voice on the television set, he sits attentively and looks for him.

I am so happy that we had the opportunity to meet Cesar and be part of his Dog Psychology Center. I would love to take Stormy back there soon so that he could visit his old friends especially Cesar. I know he would love it. I would highly recommend this center, but, more importantly, I would give Cesar five stars! He gives true meaning to the saying a dog's best friend…that is the essence of Cesar.

I wish you all good luck with the show. I love watching each episode, and I have to say I have shed a few tears along the way!!!

Hope to see you all soon.

(Stormy's Mom)

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