Achieving Balance and Harmony


Linda and Contessa

I am just following up with some comments about the shoot at our house. First, I would like to express my gratitude for the privilege of meeting you and Cesar. You made both Melissa and myself feel comfortable and at ease. I must say that the entire crew was so warm to work with us novices in the show business world.

My impression of meeting Cesar and seeing him at work was more then I imagined.  I was a little nervous that Contessa's stubborn nature would make for a very stressful meeting, and I didn’t want to break her spirit or change her personality. Cesar handled her in a non-threatening and calming way. To my relief, Cesar seemed to bring out her best and even changed her sleeping habits after that day. Prior to that day, Contessa slept under the bed, but she now wants to sleep with us on the bed. I am so pleased she prefers us to under the bed.

We have been practicing his technique and walking the dogs on a daily basis.  We have seen the results and have faith that we can overcome her obsession of TV thru his teachings. Your program has changed my way of thinking about dog behavior and training. Melissa and I are true believers of the show and Cesar’s ways. I know we are better pet owners for it, and we and our dogs thank you so very much.  We also preach to friends, neighbors, and even strangers about Cesar and the show. Only through education will people begin to take better care of these extraordinary creatures that ask so little of us and give all they can.

We are looking forward to Contessa’s national debut tomorrow!

Linda Maglia

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