Achieving Balance and Harmony


Tillie and Leo

Art collector Joel Gilman discovered a fearful, abused, and malnourished Tillie while searching rescue websites for a new dog. Joel acted quickly and willingly took on the responsibility of rehabilitating a dog who, the head of the shelter told him, “may never come back around.” Through hard work and determination, Joel made amazing progress with his new dog, but Tillie’s obsession over Joel has pushed this art collector into his “blue period.” Tillie has grown so attached to him that she will not leave his side. Tillie attacks Joel’s other dog Molly when Joel gives her attention and will even jump up into Joel’s arms if he is in the middle of a conversation with a friend. Cesar arrives to help make Tillie a blank canvas and let Joel create the perfect dog.

Then, when Jacqueline Rose and Manny Lizaso’s 3-year-old Shar-Pei, Leo, killed a neighbor’s Maltese, the couple was forced to make a choice: give up their condo, or euthanize Leo. The easy decision was to find a new home, along with a new trainer for Leo. Unfortunately, Leo’s dog aggression continued. He still charges and barks at dogs they pass on the street, especially smaller dogs. Jacqueline works in the fashion industry, but because of Leo’s dog aggression she can’t share the showroom she rents with her friend and photographer Kim Grisco and her Chihuahua mix Skye. Can Cesar help Leo overcome his dog aggression and become a model canine?

For a video sneak peek, click here.

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