Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Horse-Chasing Herding Dog Mix and an Escaping Yellow Lab

Season 1 | Episode 25 | Daisy and Sophie

Rochelle Wyse and Melissa Sanders rescued Sophie, a herding dog mix, because they thought she’d be good dog around horses. Much to their chagrin, Sophie is a royal pain in the horse—she likes to bite their noses, and even though she’s been kicked, she loves to nip and chase them. Rochelle has taken Sophie to obedience class, tried to socialize her, and read lots of dog books but Sophie insists on “horsing around”.

Daisy is a beautiful yellow Lab who is in “charge” of the Benda Family. Whenever someone attempts to leave or enter the house, Daisy charges the door and tries to go out first. The only way they can get in or out of the house is by throwing food or having someone call Daisy from another part of the house, to distract her. In addition to charging the door, Daisy obsessively humps dogs and people alike. Daisy also won’t go in her crate or dog run and she’s rapidly demolishing the Benda’s swing rope. In short, Daisy is driving the Benda Family crazy. They need Cesar Millan’s help…and fast!

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