Achieving Balance and Harmony


Are you a dog person or a cat person…or a lizard person?

By Nicole Pajer

The type of pet you have speaks volumes about who you are as a person. If you own a dog, for example, you may be viewed as an extrovert. Cat owners, on the other hand, tend to be more independent and introverted. What about owners of fish, lizards, or horses? Here are some of the common traits associated with popular types of pets. Are these animal/characteristic matchups true for you?

Dogs are pack animals and love the company of others. If you own a dog you're said to be extroverted. Most dog owners are social butterflies that enjoy socializing with large groups of friends, going out to bars, and having lots of parties. People with dogs are outdoorsy, active, and tend to enjoy a variety of sports. They are honest and loyal.

Favorite hobbies: Grilling up steak at a BBQ, playing Frisbee at a park, or hiking.

Typical careers: Entertainers, professional athletes, event planners, bartenders, managers

Favorite movies: Marley & Me, Lassie, Best in Show

If you own a cat, you are independent and tend to air on the introverted side. Cat owners are homebodies and much prefer a night in to a wild night out. They love to spend time with a few close friends and get overwhelmed at the thought of large crowds. People that live with cats are low maintenance and more likely to be open with their feelings, making them curious, creative, artistic, and nontraditional thinkers.

Favorite hobbies: Reading, knitting, and other crafts, lounging around with a glass of wine

Typical careers: Lab technicians, personal caretakers, real estate agents, machine operators

Favorite movies: The Cat and the Hat, Puss in Boots, Milo and Otis

People that own fish, enjoy the idea of having a household companion but one that is extremely low maintenance and easy to care for. Fish take up small amounts of space and fish owners often live in apartments or smaller starter homes. Owners of fish love to decorate and add plants and colorful accessories to their homes and offices. They prefer their homes to be quiet and relaxing as opposed to filled with barking, meowing, and squawking.

Favorite hobbies: Decorating, swimming, and relaxing activities such as yoga

Typical careers: Human resources, financial, hotel and leisure, farming/fishing/forestry, and transportation professionals

Favorite movies: Finding Nemo, Jaws, Big Fish

Guinea pigs, hamsters, or rabbits
People that have pets such as guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, or rabbits are animal lovers looking for the companions to pet and cuddle, but prefer something that is less maintenance than a dog or cat. They enjoy a nice balance between a night out with friends and a quiet evening snuggled up at home. They are often into health food, preferably fresh fruits and veggies; many guinea pig/rabbit/hamster owners are in fact vegetarians or vegans. They are affectionate, relatively low maintenance, and require little grooming.

Favorite hobbies: Running around a track, snuggling under piles of blankets, cooking delicious and healthy meals

Typical careers: Teachers, childcare professionals, entrepreneurs, psychologists, chefs

Favorite movies: Ratatouille, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Alice in Wonderland

Reptile owners prefer the convenience of a "friend" that doesn't shed, make extensive messes, and is allergen free. They enjoy nature and history and love watching documentaries and informative programs. Reptile owners are friendly once you get to know them but can appear a bit aloof at first. They are not as affectionate as dog and cat owners but enjoy an occasional snuggling session. They love to try exotic foods and are known to eat things that most of us would pass on.

Hobbies: Visiting natural history museums, being outside in nature, and occasional dips in the pool

Typical careers: Engineers, social workers, marketing/public relations professionals, police officers, editors, writers

Favorite movies: Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Snakes on a Plane

Bird owner are chatty and prefer noisy environments to quiet ones. They are curious, highly intelligent and inquisitive by nature. Owners of birds are morning people who wake up with the sun, eager to start their day. They love to eat healthy and enjoy fresh fruit and nuts as their favorite snacks. People that live with birds love bright colors and beauty. They enjoy traveling and exploring new places. They prefer warm, tropical climates to cold weather and snow. Bird owners posses a gentle demeanor and are friendly with strangers.

Hobbies: Skydiving, visiting exotic places (especially during winter months). singing

Typical careers: Administrative jobs, advertising, sales, construction

Favorite movies: March of the Penguins, The Crow, Black Swan

People that own horses love to explore and spend a good majority of their time outdoors and in nature. They are considered to be kind-natured, calm, patient, and gentle. Horse owners posses a majestic beauty and are often described as both classy and elegant. They are athletic and have a great sense of strength and endurance.

Hobbies: Running outdoors, playing a variety of sports, betting on races

Typical careers: Park rangers, veterinarians, lawyers, dentists, professions in agriculture

Favorite movies: Black Beauty, Seabiscuit, Secretariat

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