Achieving Balance and Harmony


A People-Aggressive Dog and a Fear-Based Aggressive Jack Russel Terrier Mix

Season 6 | Episode 4 | Cujo and Molly

In 2006, Mary Jane Lach noticed a dog chained up across the street from her house. He was clearly neglected, so she started sneaking him food. Despite being named Cujo, he was great with her, and she eventually introduced her grandkids to him without incident. She became acquainted with the owner, who offered the dog to her. For awhile, things were fine. Then, Cujo started living up to his namesake, lunging at his vet and eventually Mary Jane’s roommate Greg. His human aggression has gotten so out of hand that experts have even recommended putting him to sleep. Greg is always on guard at home and Mary must constantly be aware of Cujo’s whereabouts in the house. Can Cesar remake this horror story?

A Bad Impression

When Ellen Thompson and Dave Nemetz decided to get their first dog as a couple, they chose a rescue named Molly, a 3-year old Jack Russell terrier mix. After arriving in her new home, Molly's fear-based aggression wasn’t far behind. She will charge and bark at other dogs, men, women, and children. She doesn't bite; she just wants to chase them away. Ellen works in a dog friendly environment and she would really like to bring Molly to the art gallery where she works, rather than leaving her home all day. However, Molly barks at anyone entering the gallery, which is not good for business. Ellen hopes Cesar can help Molly make a better impression at the gallery and display her finer qualities.

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