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How to treat (or prevent) a flea infestation

It may seem like a losing battle with the miniature bloodsuckers. As soon as you kill one, another one pops up. And just when you think your pet is finally flea free, your four-legged friend goes exploring and comes back with some six-legged enemies. Here are four simple steps that will help you kill any fleas that get on your pet and help prevent any future flea infestations.

1. Apply.

At the first sign of a flea, or better yet, before the first sign of a flea, apply FRONTLINE® Plus to your dog, and wait for the fleas to start dying. By the time you’ve seen the first flea, the infestation has likely been underway for about six to eight weeks. You won’t be able to see them, but there are probably microscopic flea eggs and larvae throughout your house.

2. Kill.

This isn’t really a step you have to do, but after you’ve treated your pet, you can sit back and watch the carnage (or imagine it…they’re pretty small) as fleas begin to die. The treatment lasts for an entire 30 days, so any new fleas that get on your pet will be goners.

3. Protect.

Of course this one treatment didn’t kill every flea in the world. Any eggs that were deposited by your untreated pet in your carpets and around your house and yard will still hatch and become adults. This may cause you to despair, as you now see more fleas on your pet! But these new fleas are just the ones from the preexisting infestation (from the eggs and larvae that were deposited in the environment before the great extermination began). They’ll grow into adults and then they’ll meet the same fate as the ones that came before.

So you still may see a flea or two checking out your dog. But as long as you’re in the 30-day treatment window, your dog will be an inhospitable environment for them, i.e., once the fleas get on your dog, they’ll die. Usually, in the second or third month of treatment, all of the residual eggs and larvae from the initial infestation will have matured into adults and been killed if your dog has been properly treated. You’ve broken the flea life cycle and if you follow step 4, you can prevent a future flea infestation!

4. Repeat.

This is the key step. Don’t rest on your laurels that you’ve successfully beaten back the flea menace. They’re regrouping and waiting for your dog’s treatment to wear off so they can get back to business. Don’t give them the chance. By remembering to consistently apply FRONTLINE Plus every 30 days to every dog and cat in your house (even indoor pets), you can rest assured that any flea that gets on your pet will be quickly killed preventing a re-infestation.

® FRONTLINE is a registered trademark of Merial.

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