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Latest Heartworm Awareness Articles

Symptoms of worms in dogs

Worms are one of the most common canine health problems. There are five types of worms that generally affect dogs, see what they are, and learn the signs that your dog might have worms. Read more

Intestinal parasites

Roundworms are commonly diagnosed in puppies, and may infect 90% of puppies under three months of age.2 However, infection can occur in dogs of all ages. In a study roundworm eggs were found in 15% of all dogs. Read more


Heartworms are among the most dangerous parasitic worms that infect dogs. Hundreds of thousands of cases of canine heartworm disease are reported in the US every year. Read more


Hookworms are dangerous parasites that live in a dog's small intestine. With remarkable efficiency, hookworms "graze" on the lining of the intestine, leaving multiple bloody holes in their wake. Read more


Roundworms may resemble earthworms, but they're a whole lot more dangerous, especially when they get inside a dog, or a person. The roundworm is a patient, persistent parasite that can lay up to 100,000 EGGS IN A SINGLE DAY. Read more
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