Achieving Balance and Harmony

Latest Cesar’s Pack Articles

Rescuing Choco was a Necessity for Cesar

One of the reasons I rescued Choco is because we clicked. The same as when Daddy chose Junior, it was meant to be. The second reason I rescued Choco is because as a father I have never exposed my kids to dogs who have a broken anything. We don’t focus on dogs with handicaps. Instead we tend to focus on dogs with aggression, barking, and anxiety. Read more

The Dog Psychology Center: Evolution of a Dream

The DPC started off as a dream while I was trying to make my way as a dog trainer in South Central, Los Angeles. At the time, I was surrounded by a community of drug abusers, graffiti-covered buildings and an overall negative energy. This was no place to make a dream come true. But with the support of friends and family, and the luck of a vacant parking lot, that dream took roots. Read more

Cesar’s Mom’s Treat for the Office Pack

A Feast for Cesar’s Team This past week, Cesar’s mother, Maria Teresa Millan, and sister, Monica Millan, paid a visit to the Cesar Millan Inc. offices to share a traditional Mexican dish: Tacos Dorados de papa y de res. Read more

Missy Lemoi

Missy Lemoi is no stranger to the predatory instinct. She has been around hunting dogs since she was a young girl. As a child, her father owned two Cocker Spaniels that he used for hunting, and from the time she was 14 years old, she has been a lover and owner of Labrador retrievers. Read more

A Tribute to Soundman Miles

Dog Whisperer sound recordist Miles Ghormley passed away peacefully, although unexpectedly, in his sleep, the morning of May 1, 2010. He leaves his wife, Susan, and two children, Emily and Jonathan. He was 58. Read more

Daddy's Senior Moments

When we interviewed Cesar about Daddy's senior years, his deep emotional bond with this 14 year-old pit bull was apparent. He shared thoughts on Daddy's current physical health, Junior's impact on his mental health, details on his very special way to roll in the grass, and how he himself copes with Daddy's aging. Read more

Apollo the Rottweiler

Fans of the show will no doubt remember the seemingly hopeless but ultimately heartwarming story of Apollo the Rottweiler. Rescued from an unknown past and cared for by selfless young shelter volunteer Bree Justice, Apollo's panicky human aggression (directed specifically toward adult males) made him a risky candidate for permanent adoption and eventually landed him on death row. Read more
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