Achieving Balance and Harmony

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Cesar’s thoughts on dog navigation

Dogs in Moscow reminded me of the dogs I grew up with in Mexico and their ability to get around town with my friends and me—they’d take the bus to school with us, How did they do it? Read more

Living my dream

As an immigrant, not speaking English, and coming from a poor background, the odds of succeeding were against me. I tried... Read more

Fulfilling a promise

Before the blessings of my hard work came to reality, I told my mom that one day, I was going to help her relive her childhood. Read more

When the DPC opened...

When I opened up the Dog Psychology Center, it was located in a very bad neighborhood in South Central LA. There was graffiti all over the place. There were drug users hanging around. Read more

Against abuse

Showing an animal leadership and giving it rules is not the same thing as instilling fear and punishing it. A quick, assertive touch is not the same as a strike. Read more
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