Achieving Balance and Harmony

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Cesar tells us to be “calm and assertive.” While most people intuitively know what being calm is, they often don’t understand how to be assertive. Cesar explains. Read more

Hot dogs

Summer is coming. Here’s what you need to know to keep your dogs cool and safe during the hot weather. Read more

Daddy’s Day

For father’s day, Cesar talks about his Daddy, and the lessons we can learn about what pit bulls are and are not. Read more

Real appreciation

In honor of Pet Appreciation Week, Cesar shares some ways you can show your appreciation for the dogs that are in your pack — now and in the future. Read more

A self-fulfilling prophecy

Frequently, our only limitation in learning how to do something is our belief that we can’t do it. Cesar explains how to avoid this trap. Read more


In honor of Memorial Day, Cesar writes about how our dogs can teach us to live grateful lives. Read more

Dog ability

Dogs on a mission can show incredible determination despite obstacles. Cesar shares with us the valuable lesson we can learn from them. Read more

National Kids & Pets Day

Dogs and kids seem to naturally go together, but there’s one thing that dogs can do for children you probably haven’t thought of. Cesar explains. Read more

The most dangerous dog

Certain dog breeds have reputations as being aggressive, but is that really true? Cesar looks at the myths and the reality when it comes to the most dangerous dog. Read more
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