Achieving Balance and Harmony

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Let it be

The most important thing you can do for a dog is honor their instincts. Cesar explains how to do this — and how not to. Read more

Body language

Previously, Cesar wrote about how emotion and intention create energy. Here, he explains how to figure out what your dog’s emotions and intentions are. Read more

Emotion and intention

You’ve probably read or seen Cesar talk about the importance of energy in communicating with dogs. Here, he explains exactly what he means by energy. Read more


Cesar on why the most powerful way you can communicate with your dog is a lot quieter than you think. Read more


Cesar explains the right and wrong time to use positive reinforcement when working with a dog. Read more

The best

The walk is the single most important thing you can do with your dog. Cesar shares five reasons why it is. Read more


Cesar explains how a medical breakthrough in the late 19th century led to dogs being the most popular household pet today. Read more
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