Achieving Balance and Harmony

Latest Cesar's Blog Articles

Talking ‘dog’

Dogs may not be able to speak human languages, but they “listen” to what we’re telling them constantly — whether we know what we’re saying or not. Read more

The 5 C’s of responsibility

Being a responsible dog owner goes far beyond just making sure they have food and water. Cesar goes into detail and all of the responsibilities involved. Read more

Keeping control

Cesar writes about why our energy is so important in our relationship with our dogs, and how to learn to be calm and assertive. Read more

To be or...

The difference between story and truth, and what our dogs are really telling us. Read more

Holiday packing

As the holidays approach, Cesar writes about the biggest gift that our dogs have given us at this time of year and always. Read more

Let it be

The most important thing you can do for a dog is honor their instincts. Cesar explains how to do this — and how not to. Read more
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