Achieving Balance and Harmony

Latest Cesar's Blog Articles

Remembering Daddy

In honor of the anniversary of his pit bull Daddy’s passing, Cesar shares with us the lessons that Daddy shared with him. Read more

Balancing the equation

Cesar digs deeper into his fulfillment formula to show you how to find the solution to your dog’s behavioral problems. Read more

Becoming unstuck

It’s time for the groundhog to look for his shadow — and time for us to learn from Groundhog Day. Read more

Horse sense

Many thought this horse could do math, but it turns out he was just reading body language. This is a great example of how calm assertive energy can create the desired behavior in pet. Read more

A secret about aggression

Many dogs are labeled as aggressive, but that’s frequently not the real issue. Here, Cesar explains how common misbehaviors can be misidentified. Read more
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