Achieving Balance and Harmony

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How to approach a fearful dog

Recently, a group of veterinarians came to visit the Dog Psychology Center to train with Cesar. Here’s his video advice on working with fearful dogs. Read more


Until we learn how to see the world the way that dogs do, we will keep seeing dogs the wrong way. Cesar explains why. Read more

The other refugees

In recognition of International Homeless Animals Day 2014, Cesar tells us what we can do to help reduce the number of unwanted dogs around the world. Read more

The right place

You should know your dog’s natural place in the pack. Here, Cesar explains how you can tell what it is and why it’s important. Read more

Will work for food

Nothing puts humans in touch with their instincts like food — or can cause problems with dogs when we don’t approach meal time properly. Cesar explains how to do it right. Read more

Getting results

Sometimes, people only focus on the misbehavior of their dogs and not the rehabilitation process. Here, Cesar shares a secret on making that process much easier for both of you. Read more

Here and now

Cesar explains how dogs live in the moment, and why it is so important for humans to understand that in order to have a balanced relationship with them. Read more


As the World Cup ends, Cesar reminds us that dogs and humans build teams in different ways and for entirely different reasons. Read more

Live in the moment

Life brings challenges, but I don’t look at any obstacle thrown my way as negative. I see it as an opportunity for growth, to learn, and see how perseverant you actually are. I look to the many dogs I’ve met in my life for inspiration during these times. Read more
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