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Taking a bite out of bites

Every year in the U.S. alone, nearly five million people are bitten by dogs. Here, Cesar explains the top five reasons dogs bite and the five best ways to prevent dog bites. Read more


One of the things that most people do to strange dogs is also one of the worst things to do, but the hardest habit to break. Cesar explains what it is and why not to do it. Read more

The loyalty of dogs

Did you see the story about the dog who guarded her friend after it was hit by a car. What is it that makes dogs so loyal to us? Read more

A turning tide

Cesar checks in from Singapore with a reminder that not all dog laws are created equal — or are created with equality in mind. Read more

Five freedoms

In honor of World Veterinary Day and its theme of animal welfare, Cesar reminds us what it really takes to make sure we treat our dogs humanely. Read more


As the change of season approaches, Cesar reminds us what dogs can teach us about life and always moving forward. Read more

Guilt by association

Cesar writes about a subject close to his heart — ending discrimination against a misunderstood but very loving breed. Read more


April Fools’ style pranks are common to all human cultures. This can teach us another important aspect of communicating with our dogs. Read more

Yes, you can

In honor of César Chávez’s birthday, Cesar Millan explains how to take inspiration from one leader in order to become the Pack Leader yourselves. Read more

Two kinds of nature

As spring arrives, Cesar reminds us that the best way to have a perfect dog is to start out right with the puppy. Read more

Unrealistic standards

If you go against Mother Nature, you’ll lose every time. Cesar writes about how to avoid this very common dog lover’s mistake. Read more
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