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New name for Choco: Meet Argos

I want to thank all of my fans for the support you've shown Choco and the wonderful names you've suggested. The name I'm choosing was suggested by Sylvia Sango: Argos. Argos is the faithful dog from Homer's the Odyssey. When his owner returns from war after 20 years disguised as a beggar, only Argos recognizes him at once and has just enough strength to wag his tail. Read more

Rescuing Choco was a Necessity for Cesar

One of the reasons I rescued Choco is because we clicked. The same as when Daddy chose Junior, it was meant to be. The second reason I rescued Choco is because as a father I have never exposed my kids to dogs who have a broken anything. We don’t focus on dogs with handicaps. Instead we tend to focus on dogs with aggression, barking, and anxiety. Read more

My Favorite Pack Walk Memories

Thousands and thousands of years ago, humans and dogs first walked, hunted, and migrated together and thus became two species that would evolve side by side as interdependent partners. Read more

Lady and the Amp

The world, I’ve discovered, can be divided into two types of people. Those who, when they see a huge white three-legged dog galumphing down the street, offer up a sad smile and an “awww…poor guy” and those who instead shake their heads in amazement and say “Wow. He’s really incredible, isn’t he!” Read more
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