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The Dog Psychology Center: Evolution of a Dream

The DPC started off as a dream while I was trying to make my way as a dog trainer in South Central, Los Angeles. At the time, I was surrounded by a community of drug abusers, graffiti-covered buildings and an overall negative energy. This was no place to make a dream come true. But with the support of friends and family, and the luck of a vacant parking lot, that dream took roots. Read more

Success Story: Lydia and Mackey

Several times a day, I would have Mackey smell some lavender essential oil. As soon as he picked up the scent, I'd immediately reward him with praise, high-value treats, (string cheese!) a massage, etc. Cesar said that by building this positive association with the scent of the lavender oil, Mackey would be calm and relaxed on the flight. And he was! Read more

Emily, Mabel and Malcolm

I have watched Dog Whisperer for ages, though I have never had a dog of my own. My husband and I adopted two dogs that were rescued from a puppy mill two months ago - Mabel and Malcolm. Using the techniques I saw on the show, it took two days for me to get the two dogs to walk beside/behind me without constantly being distracted... Read more

Tatiana Latilla

Dear Cesar, My name is Tatiana Latilla and I am a 19-year-old undergraduate Psychology student from South Africa. When I was 16, I started volunteering for The South African Guide Dog Association for The Blind, and 'Puppy Walked' a Golden retriever puppy for them, which entails looking after the puppy for a year and teaching it basic manners and obedience and socialization. Read more

Ambassador Profile: Tiffany Allen

At Cesar Millan, Inc., our goal is to make the world a better place, one dog at a time. The Ambassadors group was created to harness the power of the pack in order to make a greater difference in our world. Cesar Millan Ambassadors is a volunteer organization that helps spread the word about Cesar Millan events and products on the internet and in their community. Read more

Cesar’s Mom’s Treat for the Office Pack

A Feast for Cesar’s Team This past week, Cesar’s mother, Maria Teresa Millan, and sister, Monica Millan, paid a visit to the Cesar Millan Inc. offices to share a traditional Mexican dish: Tacos Dorados de papa y de res. Read more

Success Story: Dr. Owen J. Garrett

Dr. Owen J. Garrett and his wife, Shirley, met Cesar at the Cesar Millan Live show in Vancouver this past November. As a psychologist for 18 years, Dr. Garrett has worked in the area of rehabilitation, particularly with people who have suffered a disability or impairment. Read more

Tami Colclough and Hannah

Dear Cesar, We adopted Hannah, our beautiful 8-year-old Husky cross, seven months ago. She had been returned to the SPCA three times after being seized from her previous owners. We were told that she had aggressive issues towards other dogs and had been returned for this reason. Read more

Puppy Mills: A Cautionary Tale

Dear Cesar, I really admire the work that you do. I think it is amazing how many lives you have transformed, both canine and human. I know at the end of your stay here on Earth you will be greeted by thousands of pets at The Rainbow Bridge. I wish you continued success with your work and I know God will continue to bless you. Read more
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