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Brooke Cowley

Cesar, I have four dogs; a Leonberger, a German Shepherd, a Japanese Chin and a Miniature Pinscher (sorta from the sublime to the ridiculous!). I have bought Seasons Two and Three on DVD and have found that Cesar's techniques work brilliantly on all four dogs (they range in age from 12 weeks to 4 years) despite their size, temperaments, and age differences. Read more

Barbara Sellars

Hi Cesar, You don't know Buddy, but you saved him just the same. My husband and I are truck drivers and our little truck Buddy is a Cairn Terror... oops, "Terrier." LOL! Read more

April Goodwin

Hello Cesar, My name is April Goodwin, and I have a four-year- old female pit bull named Lucy.  Lucy and I have spent lots of time on training, puppy classes, private lesson, etc. over the course of her life.  I found Lucy on the street when she was just a couple of months old. Read more


Hi! My name is Camilla. I live in Sweden and I share my home with my husbend and our giant poodle "Gunnar." Gunnar was bourn with PRA (Progressive retinal atrophy). The PRA was allready developed when Gunnar was a puppy. Read more

Cynthia Gillis

Cesar, When I got my Collie, Terhune, at 9 weeks (from a good and reputable breeder), he was terribly fearful. Afraid of loud sounds, people, children, wheels, trash cans... everything scared him. Read more

Jennifer Fuller

I live in Spain with my partner and our 7-year-old female Dalmatian, and have been here for the past 6 years. We did also have another white bull terrier called Buster who unfortunately died just before last Christmas. I would just like to say that after reading your Cesar's Way book, and having watched everyone of your TV programmes, I can honestly say that you are fantastic, not only for the improvement you can advise for people with dogs, but also human lives. Read more

Gigi Kisil

Hello Cesar, I just wanted to let you know of a great experience I had because of your show. Recently I had to start giving my dog Riley fluids twice a week. I was really stressed about it, because I knew it was painful for her and I am not used to giving anyone a shot. Read more

Jennifer McPhail

My roommate's mom gave me the Dog Whisperer DVD set to watch months ago. I broke them out the other day and I've been hooked. I can't stop watching them. It is truly amazing. I've really realized that in some respects I've been treating my dogs like people instead of dogs. They have become my roommates rather then my pets. Especially little miss Desiree, the most spoiled of the spoiled. Read more

Illusion Collar Success Stories

Dear Cesar,   I have a rescue that is a nightmare on a leash.  I'm a dog walker by trade with great success on the walk.  Yet my own Hovawart gives me a fit!  I've tried several different collars, leashes -- no success.  The collar or leash would start up high on the neck like you've taught us but would always slip down to a bad position. Read more

Jennifer Fuller

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a wonderful seminar. I am currently starting my own rescue and behavioral center, aimed at being able to offer basic obedience training and behavior modification to other area rescues, at little or no cost to them, and I was at an emotional low point, but your seminar on August 5th gave me the inspiration and motivation I needed to get me back on track. Read more

Kathie Enser

Quincy, a German Shepherd, had been tied outside on the banks of the Mississippi River 24/7. She had been beaten, was positive for heartworm, and her ears bitten raw by flies. Read more

Jessica Beckstrom

My Name is Jess and I am a 16-year-old girl from Massachusetts. I watch your show religiously and have read your books along with many articles about you. Although many people probably tell you this, I wanted to let you know how much you have unknowingly changed my life. There really is too much to say to fit into a 500 word email, but I will do my best! Read more

Kelly McKenzie

Hi Cesar, My god, you are my hero! I had to order your book from the States, because New Zealand didn't have it! It has changed my life and my dog's life, and it's like I've found something that's makes me the happiest I have ever been. I try to spread the word about you as much as I can here -- people really need to realize how to interact with their dogs properly. Read more
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