Achieving Balance and Harmony

Latest Dog Whisperer Tv Articles

A Territorial Dachshund and German Shepherd

Daschund Lotus is not living up to his tranquil name. After owners Julie and Chari adopted him, Lotus became very territorial over Julie. His aggression has even sent Chari to the hospital. Cesar is called in to bring some peace back into this off balanced home. Read more

Battling Pit Bulls

Justin Ternes and Monica Hoover's battling pit-bulls, Sandi and Trinity, are driving the once happy family to extremes to keep them separated. Can Cesar bring peace to this not-so-civil war? Read more

A Disobedient Deaf Boxer and a Male-Aggressive Rottweiler

Conrad and Cristina are at a loss when it comes to their tenacious , four year-old deaf Boxer named Maggie. Maggie's unruly behavior can't be controlled with voice commands, and the stress she puts on the home has the potential to aggravate Cristina's Multiple Sclerosis. Read more

An Unwalkable Group

Noelle's Doberman/Lab mix Caesar and Pit Bull Squatty have become unmanageable on the walk since the tragic passing of her husband Danny. Between Caesar's nightmare walks and Squatty's separation anxiety when Caesar is away, Noelle is reaching the end of her rope. Read more

An Aggressive Frenchie and a Terrified Vizla

French Bulldog Bozley has had rules, boundaries, and limitations from day one, but that hasn't stopped him from developing a tenacious form of aggression! Owners Nidia & Sean Tatalovich have called in Cesar to give this Frenchie a lesson in hospitality. Read more

A Water-Obsessed Labrador and Leg-Chomping Chihuahua

The new season of Dog Whisperer starts with a splash as we follow the progress of a water-obsessed Labrador. Plus, Cesar has his hands full with a pooch with performance anxiety and a leg chomping Chihuahua. It's a season premiere you can really sink your teeth into. Read more
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