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When (several) dogs attack...

It can happen — you’re on the walk when several loose dogs go on the attack. Here’s how to be prepared and what to do if you find yourself in this situation. Read more

Cesar 101: Making Dinner Special

Mealtime is a very special opportunity for us to bond with our dogs, but we have to be careful to not send the wrong signals. Here are Cesar’s “how to” feeding tips. Read more

Will work for food

Nothing puts humans in touch with their instincts like food — or can cause problems with dogs when we don’t approach meal time properly. Cesar explains how to do it right. Read more

Choosing the Right Dog Food

There are many websites pro and con on raw diets. The pro websites say you can relieve your dog of allergy agents known to be in commercial kibble, such as corn, wheat, and soy. Read more

Ask the Vet: Speed Eater

We have had issues with our 7-month old puppy, Philly, and her eating...she always seems nervous when she eats -- tail tucked between her legs and she will consume her food very rapidly. Read more

Pet Food Recall

Amid all the pet food recalls there is so much controversy about feeding our pets commercial pet foods. Can you recommend a food that I can make at home for my dog? Read more
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