Achieving Balance and Harmony

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Ronn Winkler

Cesar, My wife and I rescued our lab/cattle-dog mix Jackson 6 months ago. He had been a stray. I was very hesitant to adopt a dog, because I wasn't sure how to own a dog properly. Your TV show and book showed me the basics of proper dog ownership and showed us how to get started. We had little experience, but I was determined to "do it right" so that we could have a dog that was happy, fulfilled, and a joy to have around. Read more

Rory Claire

Hello Cesar, I love Rottweilers, and Dobermans, too, and have rescued them over the years. We recently lost our eleven-and-a-half-year-old Rottie, Nala. She was a wonderful dog. Our five-year-old female Doby, Kiara, is such a great dog. We taught her to swim, and she loves going on our boat and jet-skis, although she only goes without her bright yellow life vest when we are close to shore. Read more

Sandra Miller

Hello Cesar, After 40 years as a dog owner, someone finally said, "Your dog is SO well-behaved." This is after only three weeks of religiously following the plan: exercise, discipline, and affection Read more
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