Achieving Balance and Harmony


How to Safely Enjoy the Dog Park

In America, there are not many places where we can let our dogs roam off-leash, so we really have to maintain the safety of the few areas that we do have. If too many accidents occur or if a human gets hurt, these areas may be closed down. But if these dog parks are examples of safe canine interaction, this can encourage cities and counties to make more places available to our canine companions.

How can you play a part in making dog parks safe? Only bring your dog if he or she is balanced and has received proper exercise for his or her energy level before entering the park. Make sure your dog understands basic commands like "no," "come back," and "stop," so you can prevent fights.

And above all, know your dog! Never bring a dominant, territorial, or aggressive dog to the park. Don't take dogs that are insecure, fearful, or nervous, because they can become targets. These dogs need special attention before they can participate.

It doesnt matter how you achieve a balanced state in your dog, as long as you do so humanely. It's not about which trainer, technique, or philosophy is better; it is about what is best for our dogs. Focus on what makes your dog balanced, friendly, and loving, and be a part of creating a safe environment for dogs to socialize.

Stay calm and assertive,

Cesar Millan

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