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February 2007

Cesar MillanGreetings,

As Valentine's Day nears, I'm reflecting on a deeply moving experience from a few weeks ago. I was honored before a Los Angeles city council session for my work with people and their pets. I was touched when I heard the impact that my message and the message of the show had on the politicians' lives, both professionally and personally. Hearing them share their success stories reassured me that what I am doing has great value beyond the human/dog relationship. Reestablishing a pack-oriented (or family-oriented) way of being restores the position of adults as authority figures for children and brings us all a little closer to a harmonious way of living.

I hope each of you has a wonderful Valentine's Day. When my dogs and I are sharing love with each other, it means that we have already completed exercise and discipline. We are, in a way, signing an agreement about how much we need each other. With dogs, every day is Valentine's Day. They will love you no matter what, even if you've made a mistake. This Valentine's Day I hope you will appreciate that love and think about how you can ripple that energy into the world so that the people around you can get the benefit of it.

Keep your eyes on your inbox for a special announcement from my wife Ilusion and I on Valentine's Day!

Stay calm and assertive!

Cesar Millan

In This Issue

Sneak Peek: Patti LaBelle on Dog Whisperer This Friday

Grammy Award-winning recording artist Patti LaBelle is no stranger to big dogs, having owned Rottweilers and Kane Corsos over the years. But three years ago, Patti LaBelle’s manager gave her a South African Boerboel named Nasir.

Patti showered Nasir with affection as a puppy, but as he grew bigger and more aggressive, she began to fear him. Nasir has chased Ms. LaBelle off her own patio and broken through a screen door to get at her. He is dominant over doorways, toys, and food when other dogs are around. February 2nd, Cesar travels to Philadelphia to help find balance between this beauty and the beast. Also in this episode, Cesar helps Mary Jane Duffy, an artist and art professor at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, with Rottweiler/Shepherd mix Dexter, who had previously been attacked by four dogs.

Then, February 16th, Cesar meets Calvin, a Ridgeback mix, who was hit by a car and lost a leg. Now, after his owners leave the house, Calvin will do anything to find them – even jump through glass windows! Also in this episode, Cesar teaches a Jack Russell Terrier Rudy motorcycle etiquette and corrals Milo, a border collie who tries to herd everything from horses to cars.

February 23rd, Tim and Laura have a five-dog pack, but only one of them causes a problem. Beagle mix Penny lashes out and barks at any passerby, and her anxiety spread to the rest of the pack. Cesar also helps Debbie calm her Australian Shepherd around the baseball field. Next, Promise, an Italian Mastiff, suffers a fear of cars, making it difficult for her owners to take her on her regular veterinary visits.

Dog Whisperer: Accepting Submissions

Dog Whisperer
is looking for new and exciting stories for the series. If you would like to be considered for the show, we require a five to seven minute video for all of our applicants.

In the video, we would like you to introduce yourself and your dog. Give us your name, age, and occupation, as well as the dog’s name, age, and breed. Tell us the problems your dog is having and how these issues are affecting your life. Also, let us know what you love about your dog. We would also like you to capture at least three instances of your dog’s bad behavior. Please do not put yourself or your dog in danger while trying to film the behavior.

Read on.

Doggie Love: The Importance of Affection

Love is one of the greatest gifts we can share with our dogs.


Dogs are affectionate animals. Touch means a lot to them, in their natural world and when they live with us. However, affection that hasn’t been earned and is shared at the wrong time can be detrimental to a dog. Here are a few thoughts on sharing affection.

Give affection – but at the right time! Remember anytime you give affection, you reinforce the behavior preceding it. Reward stability. Share your love when your dog is in a calm-submissive state.

Share affection after a dog has…exercised and eaten; changed an unwanted behavior into a behavior you asked for; responded to a rule or command; or entered a calm-submissive state.

Don’t share affection when your dog is… fearful, anxious, possessive, dominant, aggressive, whining, begging, barking or breaking a household rule.

Don’t forget exercise and discipline. Prove your love by giving your dog what s/he needs: Long walks. Rules, boundaries and limitations.

Give your dogs as much love as you have! Give as much love as your heart can handle and then some! But please give it at the right time.

Valentine's Day Contest

Enter our Valentine’s Day Contest for a chance to win Becoming a Pack Leader in a Cesar Millan gift box! Deadline is February 14th.


1. What color was the dog Kisses in the Season 3 premiere episode?

2. What was the name of the herding-mix with trust issues from the last episode of Season 1?
A.) Husband
B.) Boyfriend
C.) Beau

3. In Season Two, Cesar helps a couple who fell in love – until their dogs met. What are the dogs’ names?
A.) Isis and Tina
B.) Tiger and Roxy
C.) Duke and Lulu

Baffled? Answers can be found on the website! Entries should be emailed to and must include your name, mailing address and primary phone number. One lucky individual will be selected from emails that arrive on time and include the right answers. The winner will be announced in next month’s newsletter. Don’t forget to continue to watch the DOG WHISPERER for more chances to win!

Submit your answer.

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Share the gift of Cesar all year with the new Cesar Millan gift packs.


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Cesar's Co-Stars: Profiles of Pack Members - Louis

Plagued with skin problems and burdened with the strange look of his breed, the odds seemed stacked against Chinese Crested Louis. But, on the day he was to be euthanized, his luck changed. A rescue shelter saw the ill dog and decided to take him in.

Just a few days later, the shelter held a seminar with a famous Dog Whisperer. Someone from the group happened to mention Louis to his wife Ilusion Millan.

At first, Ilusion was reluctant, but when she met Louis, he was so happy-go-lucky that she immediately took to him. Recently neutered and good with kids, he seemed like an easy fit for the Millan pack, but when they brought him home, they discovered their friendly pup had a problem: he was dominant with other dogs. Not only that, he was constantly eating; he inhaled food. He would eat Coco’s food and Daddy’s food. When you walked in holding anything he thought was edible, he would jump up to reach for it.

Read on.

NEW Cesar On Demand and MEET His Pack!


Cesar's original On Demand webinar on 'The Basics: Tools and Techniques' is now available for dog owners worldwide.

Watch, pause and play Cesar in action as he shows you how to become the leader of your pack.

“I really enjoyed this webinar … and I also enjoyed seeing …
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“I am thankful to be given an opportunity to participate in
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Ask the Vet: Pet Insurance

Ask The Vet Would you please recommend one or more good pet health care insurance companies?  I don't know who to trust.  And I want to be clear; I'm not interested in life insurance for my dogs, only health care insurance.

Thank you so much for sharing.


Pet health insurance has become much more common in recent years. Most of the pet insurance companies are underwritten by human companies and are structured in a similar way. Some cover preventative care and others are just major medical. Since they are always changing, I have a hard time recommending a specific company. The best way to pick a company is to ask for a benefit schedule and see which plan meets your needs the best.   A good web site to compare what companies have to offer is

Dr. Weaver

Read More Ask the Vet Articles

Cesar Millan Seminar Cruise Poll

Cruise PollCesar is considering hosting a Cesar Millan Seminar Cruise in October or early November of 2007. The cruise would depart from Los Angeles with offshore excursions to the city where he grew up, Mazatlan, and other port cities in Mexico. Cesar would conduct mini-seminars and Q&A sessions during the trip.

The price for the all-inclusive 7 day cruise would be approximately $1000-1500, depending on accommodations and additional shore excursions. If you would be interested in attending, send an email to and you will be given first pick for rooms if the cruise happens! Unfortunately, no pets are allowed.

Click here if you would like to attend.

Success Story & Next Month's Newsletter

Join us next month to meet another member of Cesar’s pack, hear about new product releases, get sneak peeks of new episodes and learn more tips! Remember if you have any questions or concerns about your dog, please consult a local professional.

For now, here’s a success story from April Goodwin:

Hello Cesar,

My name is April Goodwin, and I have a 4 year old female pit bull named Lucy.  Lucy and I have spent lots of time on training, puppy classes, private lesson, etc. over the course of her life.  I found Lucy on the street when she was just a couple of months old.  Not knowing her background and knowing the potential for aggression in pits, I tried to make sure Lucy was well-trained.  However, her energy level has always been so high and regular walks were never part of my schedule.  She was decently behaved most of the time.  Aggression with other dogs was a problem though, and high excitement behavior such as jumping up when guests arrived or pulling on the leash was also a problem. 

A few months ago, I saw an episode of the Dog Whisperer and was so glad to see someone who was willing to work with strong breed dogs that are so often abused and misunderstood.  I ordered the DVD on aggression first and received the first season DVD as a gift, as well as your book.  After digesting all of the information and finding out that I treated my high energy, dominant dog as a person and was doing almost everything incorrectly, I resolved to start "mastering the walk".  And, Cesar, after only one week of daily "migrating", my dog is a totally different dog! Or should I say, she is getting to BE a dog! I bought her a backpack to give her more exercise, and she loves it! I can not tell you what a pleasure it is to have my dog walk quietly beside me without pulling, sniffing or weaving around in front of me. I am more relaxed, and so is she. We are bonding as Leader-Follower, and Lucy is no longer the leader! She is starting to show signs after only this short time of different behavior in the house, such as waiting for me to go out the door first even when she is off-leash. I am also learning to only give affection during calm-submissive states, and she no longer pesters me every 5 seconds by whining or putting her front paws on my lap for a pet.

It is wonderful, and I am so thankful that you are getting this message out to the world, especially to owners of powerful breeds. Someday I want to give a home to another pit bull, and I knew that, until I learned to be a good pack leader, that was not an option. Now I have motivation and hope that I will be able to accomplish my goal! I have much to work on and calm-assertiveness is not natural to me, but with practice, it will come.

Thank you!

April Goodwin

Read Other Success Stories.


Here's a photo of Lhasa Apso/Miniature Schanuzer Kitai, another great Cesar look-a-like!


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