Cesar talks about being bullied as a child and how it gets better
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March 18, 2012

Cesar's It Gets Better Project Video
Why I'm Speaking Out Against Bullying

Growing up in Mexico, I was bullied for being poor, short and el perrero—the dog boy. I created this It Gets Better video to help other kids going through what I went through. Read more
Why I'm Speaking Out Against Bullying
Why I'm Speaking Out Against Bullying

I was deeply disturbed by the story of a wonderful 14-year old boy who has been bullied since elementary school and even tried to take his own life. I knew I needed to do something... Read more

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Cesar Tries to Wake a Sleeping Dog
Cesar Tries to Wake a Sleeping Dog

I brought my friend's bulldog to the office this week to meet my pack, and had some trouble waking the dog up when it was time to go. Watch video

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