Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Dog-Scared Puli and a Skittish Rescue Dog

Season 1 | Episode 7 | Slick and Pepper

Michael Seligman produces the Academy Awards but his dog needs acting lessons to make him socially adept. Every time Slick, a rare white Puli, gets around other dogs he gets stage fright and hides behinds Michael’s legs. Michael and his girlfriend Teresa, rescued Slick from a life of living in a crate for fifteen hours a day. He lives in Beverly Hills now, but doesn’t really enjoy his Hollywood lifestyle because he’s so fear ridden.

Pepper is a cute dog with a sour disposition. He thinks he owns the entire studio where Christopher has his business. If anyone comes in, they need to bow to the master or they will get their heels nipped. Ironically, despite his territorial disposition, Pepper is also very skittish. Christopher rescued the dog and he learned that Pepper’s previous owner abused him. Cesar Millan will have to show Christopher how to a) get the dog to relax and b) regain control of his studio.

Both Pepper and Slick are rescue dogs dealing with different issues – aggression and fear. Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan will show us how to help Pepper and Slick recover from a past filled with abuse and cruelty.

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