Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Possessive Maltese and a Spinning German Shepherd

Season 1 | Episode 10 | Bubba and Garret

Heidi Wasserman inherited Bubba, a Maltese, whose previous owner spoiled him rotten. Now Bubba is a very possessive dog. If someone gets up to simply leave the room to Bubba will nip at them, in an attempt to make them stay. Bubba also guards his objects with ferocity. In addition, he has quirky neuroses, such as jumping up on the dashboard of the car when Heidi runs the windshield wipers. The challenge for Cesar will be to get this anxious dog calm and focused.

Sheila and Joel Malavasi bought Garrett, a German Shepard, from a breeder when he was just a puppy. The breeder told Sheila and Joel that Garrett did chase his tail, but other than that he was a healthy, normal puppy. From the first day home, Garrett chased his tail, constantly. Walking Garrett was out of the question. Sheila and Joel tried everything to stop the tail chasing – from pinch collars to an East coast dog psychologist to expensive vets – nothing worked. Sheila has accepted the fact that her dog will always be spinning. She is beyond hope and is concerned for the health and sanity of her dog.

Bubba and Garrett have very different problems but one common symptom – anxiety. Can Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan help relive Bubba’s neuroses and help straighten out Garrett?

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