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Pack Leader Collar Disclaimer

The Pack Leader Collar is a training device intended to aid the owner in mastering the walk. Cesar's Way, Inc. does not condone using the collar on a full-time basis.

Never leave the dog unattended while The Pack Leader Collar is in use. As is true with slip collars, buckle collars, and bandanas, there is a risk of choking if the collar is left on an unsupervised dog. 

As is standard dog training practice, The Pack Leader Collar is designed to be used while walking the dog on the left. We apologize to those of you who may have difficulty using your left hand.

We do not recommend attaching other items to The Pack Leader Collar. Nothing but the leash should be attached to the "O "ring(s) or the "A" collar. If you must add a dog tag, please use the secondary D-ring, located at the base of the collar. Do not attach to either the O rings or the Slip collar.

If your dog's neck measures less than 13 inches around the base of the neck, you should not use the collar. The Pack Leader Collar is not intended for puppies under one year of age. Consult your local professional or veterinarian for further advice. The materials, such as the width of the straps and the size of the "O" rings, are specifically designed for larger dogs. Please note that the two rectangular keepers are to keep excess strap from flapping. Cesar's Way, Inc. is not liable for any modifications made to the collar.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation and wish you the best of luck training your dog. Stay calm and assertive!

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