Achieving Balance and Harmony


Coco the Chihuahua

Four Pounds of Pure Aggression

When little Chihuahua Coco came to Cesar, he was ready to take on anybody. The Chihuahua was aggressive towards humans and dogs of all sizes. Cesar has said that the four-pound dog was one of his toughest cases.

Often people regard bad behavior from smaller dogs, such as Chihuahuas, as cute. Without meaning to, owners encourage bad behavior and don’t provide them with the rules, boundaries, and limitations they need. This behavior can escalate into serious behavioral issues.

Coco was just such a dog. His frustrated owner brought him to Cesar for rehabilitation. While Cesar rehabilitated the small dog, the entire Millan family got to know him, and his youngest son Calvin really took to him.

When his owner came to pick him up, young Calvin's pleading eyes and childhood innocence led her to offer Coco to the Millan family. Of course, they accepted, and now Coco is an important part of the family!

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