Achieving Balance and Harmony



As in, “The Queen of…”

Here at CMI, we do our best to emulate Cesar and uphold the tenets of his dog rearing philosophy. We keep our dogs balanced, and we work to maintain clear rules, boundaries, and limitations when we bring them to work with us. As such, you'll rarely find any of our canine best friends fighting us for dominance in the common areas or leading us around on white-knuckle walks around the building. But as to the ownership of the office on the end of the westernmost row, closest to the kitchen, there can be no dispute that when Sheeba the Schipperke mix visits, that office is her kingdom.

Sheeba's caretaker Jon adopted her in 2005 from the East Valley Animal Shelter as a mellow companion for his suddenly dog-aggressive 6 year old white German Shepherd mix, Shadow. Despite having reportedly been thrown from the window of a moving car and rescued from a busy city street, Sheeba was remarkably calm standing there in her penned in area; openly curious, and well-composed. Her energy was a perfect match for her new expectant pack, and the adoption was processed and finalized within a few days.

Shadow and Sheeba met for the first time on neutral ground during a walk that Jon organized with a trusted friend. Without the pressure of having to defend her territory, Shadow quickly grew accustomed to her new pack member, and the two have since developed a somewhat off-kilter dynamic, with Sheeba often taking the lead as the alpha dog. Shadow's brief problem with aggression has eased, as well, and the pair has clashed only once or twice in half-hearted vocal dominance games.

The curiosity so common in her breed is proudly on display during her visits to CMI. When her nose isn't in the air, it's in your business. Her friendly demeanor, too, makes it difficult sometimes to remember that the right time to give affection isn't just any old time you pass in the hall. But as lovable and as well-loved as she is, she isn't spoiled. She knows enough about the rules, boundaries, and limitations in the greater areas of the office to bend to the will of her bipedal pack leaders.

That office, though, belongs to her. Jon just works there.

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