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In Memoriam: Tony

It is our deeply unfortunate and heart-breaking duty to report that Tony Bologna Weiss-Roessler – beloved companion, trusted confidante, incorrigible stinker, and this office’s last and best line of defense against all the world’s invisible dangers – succumbed to illness and old age on Wednesday, the 16th of December.

Those of us who knew him will remember his general affability, his proclivity for dance, his affectionate burrowing, the meticulous way he ate carrots, how much better he smelled after a bath, and the striking contrast between how terrifically short he was, and how much larger he seemed to think he was when other dogs were present. He was known as Sneezy T, as Beefy T, as The Little Man (and once, very briefly during a week of dog-sitting, as Brigadier-General Prancing-Pants), but his adoring adopted parents never let him forget that he was Animal first, then Dog, then Chihuahua, then Tony. The result was a well-balanced and well-loved friend. We will miss him terribly.

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