Achieving Balance and Harmony


Barbara Sellars

Hi Cesar,

You don't know Buddy, but you saved him just the same. My husband and I are truck drivers and our little truck Buddy is a Cairn Terror... oops, "Terrier." LOL!
Two months ago, someone tried to rob us while we were parked. We tried to leave, and they fired at the truck. One of the bullets came through the truck and hit me in the face. You can imagine the level of panic and fear in the truck. On top of that, you know Buddy could smell my blood. Then came the commotion of police, paramedics, ambulances... it was a bad night. Buddy took it all in. Buddy had a reaction as much like PTSS [Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome] as any human would have.

If it had not been for watching you for years, we would have handled it very wrong. Because you taught us that dogs live in the right now, not in yesterday, we realized not to reward him for his fearful behavior. It was tempting to coddle him and make excuses for his behavior. He would either be very aggressive or cower fearfully. Quickly, we went right back to the rules and routine he's always lived with, showing him that he is safe by virtue of leadership.

He's fine today... because of you, Cesar.

Thank you and God Bless!

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