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Hi! My name is Camilla. I live in Sweden and I share my home with my husbend and our giant poodle "Gunnar." Gunnar was bourn with PRA (Progressive retinal atrophy). The PRA was allready developed when Gunnar was a puppy. Sure, we were thinking that he was clumsy and uncoordinated. But we blamed that on his "puppiness." When he was six months old, we were contacted by the breeders - a 30 year family breeding buissneys - where one of the breeders was an international judge in dog shows.

They told us that two puppies in his litter were allready dead from their blindness, and they were trying to find the owners of the other puppies in the litter. We were told to appear at the vet's office for a check up. We brought our old dog Alice along so that Gunnar would feel secure. They were all amazed. Gunnar (the blind dog) was moving and behaving as a seeing dog! Da... we treated him as a seeing dog!

We live in the countryside and we have miles and miles of tracks to walk, and believe me we do - at least 18 miles a day! Gunnar is very well trained - he knows the basics (come, heel, stay, sit...), but we allways show him appreciation when he (though his blindness) turns around to check - where is mum and dad?! Gunnar loves to find things that we can kick to him - he can hear when the object moves through the ground! He has the best sight of all the blind dogs in Sweden! Thank god that Gunnar is alive! My dogs have always been calm. And I tell them (and others) they can do what ever they like - as long as they do what I want! Thank you, Cesar. I don't care if other people think you use a twenty year old disciplinary school - they are wrong!

(ok, maby I should have used a dictionary, but I think that the feelings goes lost)

I wish you all a great life! (If you have a blind dog - don't overhelp it!)

- Camilla

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