Achieving Balance and Harmony


Cynthia Gillis


When I got my Collie, Terhune, at 9 weeks (from a good and reputable breeder), he was terribly fearful. Afraid of loud sounds, people, children, wheels, trash cans... everything scared him. It was so sad - somewhat like the Viszla you treated a couple of years ago. As you instructed, I was careful not to soothe and comfort him when he was in that state, nor did I yell, punish, or use force when he was panicking. He could not focus in that state, anyway.
What I did was first teach him to sit on command, which he learned very quickly. Then I observed as carefully as possible, caught the moment BEFORE he panicked and bolted, and I had him sit. That way he had something else to focus on besides his fear. I knew we were on the right track when at about 7 months a very noisy truck went by, he got a slight look of panic, and then... SAT DOWN BY HIMSELF!... and looked at me so proudly. He had learned to calm his own fears. He is now two years old and you can't tell he was ever so fearful. He is friendly, calm, an absolutely perfect dog.

Thank you, Cesar. I followed the principles you teach... and do they ever work.


Cynthia Gillis

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