Achieving Balance and Harmony


Diane and Ben Merrill

Dear Cesar and Team,

We are faithful followers of your program. We have a very large German shepherd named Elvis who belonged to my sister-in-law. He was shot in the head when he was very young (we don't know who did it), and lost an eye, then tried to make it home, and was hit by a car. He was thought dead when he was taken to the vet. But he finally recovered, and when he went home to my sister-in-law's, he had all sorts of issues, as you can imagine. He was dangerous. She offered him to us. My husband and I live in the country and have horses, chickens that run loose on the property, a bull mastiff mix, a cat, and 5 small grandchildren.

I wish I were eloquent enough to tell you how much your program has meant to us and more importantly to our dogs and all the other critters, especially the chickens! Elvis was full of anxiety, fear, aggression, obsessions - almost every problem you have addressed, he has had it! From watching your program, Cesar has trained us to deal with these issues. Elvis has become a wonderful addition to our family and has protected us on more than one occasion from people with ill intent. We worked very hard with him on learning to IGNORE the chickens, and now he has become very protective of them - he even attacked a hawk swooping down to grab one! And these practices have really helped me when I work with our horses.

Of course, we have more work to do on ourselves, and we stay open to learning something new each day. We learn so many lessons from your program; meaningful life lessons. All of our wonderful animals remind us to stay calm and assertive, and most importantly, to live in the moment.

Thank you for sharing your good energy. We can't wait for new episodes, but we will try to practice patience!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

From Diane and Ben Merrill,
Elvis, Brutus the Mastiff,
Zevon the Cat,
4 Horses and Merlin the Pony,
Fancy Pants the Rooster and his Harem of Hens,
& James, Amy, Laura, River and Rain the Grandchildren

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